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Overrunning Alternator Pulley
The rotational movement of the crankshaft in the internal combustion engine is not uniform. These rotational irregularities are also transferred to the front end auxiliary drive and cause an increased load on all components there. To decouple the generator of these rotational irregularities, an overrunning alternator pulley is fitted. This transmits the power of the crankshaft in just one direction and calms the belt drive as a result.

If the overrunning alternator pulley is defective, the drive belt starts to wobble, extreme noises occur and all components are affected. The INA overrunning alternator pulley is the perfect replacement in this situation. It ensures durability and maximum precision for the established overrunning alternator pulley technologies OAP (overrunning alternator pulley) and OAD (overrunning alternator decoupler).

Features & Benefits:
  • Reduction in belt vibration
  • Improved noise behaviour
  • Reduced tension forces and paths
  • Increased service life of the tensioner and belt

The INA Overrunning Alternator Pulley (OAP) Explained

INA Warranty Information:
12 Months