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FVP 915K6  
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FVP 915K6 Specifications
Belt Groove Quantity6
Belt Length91.50"
Belt Top Width0.83"
MaterialEPDM Rubber
Maximum Operating Temperature225 F
Minimum Operating Temperature-30 F
Multi-V Reinforced Belt

FVP belts are constructed with EPDM rubber and reinforced with synthetic fibers. The specially compounded EPDM rubber provides quiet operation while the synthetic fibers provide 98% power efficiency and dimensional stability. FVP belts do not require re-tensioning and provide a service life up to 100,000 miles.

Service Tip: Always replace belts and tensioners together. Old tensioners will reduce a belt's lifespan, and can lead to issues such as overheating, a dead battery, diminished power steering, or poor air conditioning performance.
Which Belt Is Right For You?

Type Durability Quiet Operation Performance
Standard Replacement
★★ ★★★ ★★
Heavy Duty
★★★ ★★ ★★★
High Performance
★★ ★★★ ★★★

Information About Serpentine Belts

OEM / Interchange Numbers: 05281351AA, 05281351AC, 12565152, 12569531, 12575216, 12580826, 12586826, 12588407, 12588411, 12593774, 12593776, 14102593, 1W7E8620AB, 1W7Z8620AA, 24506524, 3239132, 3239590, 3239591, 3239645, 3241096, 4854259, 5866381210, 8125752160, 8125937740, 8125937760, 8126116360, E2ZE8620CA, E4DE8620DA, E4DZ8620D, E8TA8260MA, E8TZ8620B, F0TA8260JA, F1UA8620KA, F1UZ8620A, F4UA8620AHA, XF7Z8620AA

Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime