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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: MV-GAL, MV50/50-GAL}
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Extended Life; All Makes / All Models; 1 Gallon

This formula provides a blend of premium long-lasting inhibitors to guard against temperature extremes and the ravages of rust, corrosion and premature water pump failure.

Features & Benefits:
  • May be added to any antifreeze/coolant of any make or model of automobile and light truck on the road, foreign or domestic
  • May be added to any color antifreeze/coolant (color may change, but the performance will not be affected)
  • Protects aluminum and any other engine metal
  • Protects for 5 years or 150,000 miles when added to any extended life coolant or when flushed and filled according to directions.
  • A 50:50 mixture of FVP Multi-Vehicle Antifreeze/Coolant and water provides freeze protection to -34F and raises the boiling point to +227F
  • Meets ASTM 3306, D4985
  • Available in a concentrate or prediluted formula
Prediluted formula contains 50% distilled or deionized water, mixed with 50% full-strength concentrate, making it ready-to-use straight from the bottle.

Concentrated formula contains 100% full-strength concentrate, and must be mixed with the recommended ratio and type of water (typically distilled or deionized) before use.
Coolant / Antifreeze Says a lot about Cooling System Health!

Routinely inspect your Coolant / Antifreeze with these simple checks, and flush the system when necessary, to help prolong the life of your Cooling System:


Coolant should be bright, clear and free of debris. Dirty or brown coolant can be caused by:

  • A blown Cylinder Head Gasket
  • Corrosion from imbalanced coolant chemistry
Oil Coolant
Oil in Coolant

Use Coolant / Antifreeze Test Strips to test condition / chemistry. Poor coolant condition can be caused by:

  • Frequently topping off with water
  • Improper dilution / mixing coolant formulas
Coolant Test Strip
Test Strip Process

Use an Electrical Tester to Test Coolant for Electrolysis. Common causes of Electrolysis include:
  • Stray electrical current from a loose or damaged Battery Cable ground
  • Worn / old, acidic coolant
Electrical Tester
A reading of 0.4 volts or above
suggests electrolysis
Antifreeze is recyclable! Many towns have free waste drop-off sites, which a quick internet search will help you find.

Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime