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MOOG 269 Specifications
Bearing Cap Axis 1 Diameter - Inch1.063
Bearing Cap Axis 1 Diameter - mm27.0
Bearing Cap Axis 2 Diameter - Inch1.063
Bearing Cap Axis 2 Diameter - mm27.0
Bearing Cap Type4 Round Plain Bearings
Bearing Diameter A - Inch1.063
Bearing Diameter A - mm27.0
Bearing Diameter B - Inch1.063
Bearing Diameter B - mm27.0
Bearing Type ARound Plain
Bearing Type BRound Plain
Length A - Inch3.22
Length A - mm81.7
Length Axis 1 - Inch3.22
Length Axis 1 - mm81.7
Length Axis 2 - Inch3.22
Length Axis 2 - mm81.7
Length B - Inch3.22
Length B - mm81.7
Length Measurement AOutside of Bearing To Outside of Bearing
Length Measurement BOutside of Bearing To Outside of Bearing
OE SeriesSpicer 1310
U-Joint Identification4 Round Plain Bearings
Super Strength; Non-Greasable
By constantly introducing design enhancements that extend product life and simplify installation and replacement, MOOG has earned its reputation as the chassis industry's Problem Solver.

Features & Benefits:
  • Super Strength™ alloy steel crosses for higher torque and horsepower
  • Eliminates grease passages in the cross for maximum strength in high torque applications
  • Exclusive MICRO SHIELD coating resists corrosion that may weaken the cross
  • Needle bearings sourced from OE supplier for size consistency, proper hardness, and strength
  • Extra strength carboxylated nitrile rubber grease seals use a compressed double lip design for protection from contaminants
  • Consistent heat treatment achieves good bearing hardness for durable wear and strength
Which Universal Joint Is Right For You?

Drive Conditions
Type Normal City / Highway Dirty / Dusty Extreme Weather Heavy Towing Off-Road / Racing
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Standard Replacement
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Greasable vs. Non-Greasable

While non-greasable universal joints were once considered an upgrade over greasable universal joints, the differences in strength and durability are negligible today. Advancements in technology mean either option is a great choice, but there are some key pros and cons to consider:

  • Pros: Non-Greasable U-Joints do not need to be serviced regularly. After installation, these U-Joints require little upkeep and primarily need to be monitored for signs of failure.
  • Cons: Since these U-Joints cannot be re-greased, the entire U-Joint must be replaced at the first sign of wear / noise as to not risk failure.
  • Pros: Greasable U-Joints are serviceable and contaminants can be flushed out easily. Regular maintenance and greasing also means you'll be more in tune with the wear status of the joints.
  • Cons: These U-Joints need to be checked and greased regularly. If this sounds unfavorable or if you're forgetful, non-greasable may be a better choice.
Preventative Maintenance Tips

The key to maximizing the performance and durability of any universal joint - as well as related parts such as drive shafts - is preventative maintenance. Universal joints are designed to last the life of the vehicle, but can wear down or break if neglected or overloaded. Follow these tips to avoid premature failure of your vehicle's drivetrain:

  • If a greasable universal joint is installed, periodically check them to ensure they are properly greased (at the very least, at every oil change).
  • Inspect the yokes that hold your universal joints for cracks, stress marks, or worn or damaged seal mating surfaces, and replace them if any of these are present.
  • Check your seals for signs of leakage, and replace them if leaks are present.
  • Periodically check for drive shaft play, which is an indication that a universal joint or seal has failed and needs to be replaced.
  • Inspect drive shafts for cracks, stress marks, dents, or bends, and replace them if any of these are present.
OEM / Interchange Numbers: 15617322, 26015249, 371263S526, 4L5Z4635BA, 5015694AB, 5161766AA, 6L2Z4635A, 89040339, F2AZ4635A

Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime